EMERGE24: Janusea Execs Talk Fintech Connection to Credit Union Cores

Janusea‘s VP of Sales Masako Long and CEO/Co-founder Kyle Stutzman stopped by the Studio Lounge to share how their CUSO helps fintech solutions connect with credit union core processors. In this case, Kyle and Masako discussed how their partnership with Eltropy helps all those clients connect the text banking platform to their core without having to undergo a core conversion to access various fintechs out there. They can keep their core and still connect through Janusea.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts. 


NACUSO24: Janusea’s Kyle Stutzman Talks Effective Connections Between Fintechs and Credit Unions

Kyle Stutzman, CEO/Founder of Janusea, joined CU Broadcast in their Studio Lounge to share all the innovative things that can occur for credit unions when there are no connection barriers with fintechs.

A very timely talk with our CEO, as more and more credit unions are looking to partner with fintechs today to maintain and/or exceed consumer/member financial service expectations. Janusea helps credit unions and fintechs connect in a very seamless fashion — without having to get a new core.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts. 


Janusea and Salus Partner to Remove Barriers in Real-Time Microlending

Masako Long, VP of Sales at Janusea, connecting fintech solutions with core integration, and James Chemplavil, Founder/CEO at Salus, an automated digital underwriting platform, joined us in the Studio Lounge to discuss their organization’s partnership.

​This partnership leverages each of their technologies to enhance credit unions’ efficiency, removing unnecessary costs and barriers to real-time microlending and giving them the tools to meet each of their members’ unique needs — enhancing financial inclusion.


Speed and Value Priorities in Janusea and Datava Partnership Delivering Real-Time Integration

Datava’s Founder/CEO, Gordon Flammer and Janusea’s Co-founder/CEO, Kyle Stutzman, and VP of Sales, Masako Long, all joined CU Broadcast to share the news about Datava joining the Janusea platform. This partnership will deliver real-time integration in Datava’s member relationship management and business intelligence solutions for credit unions.

In this discussion, we talked about who Datava is, how they help credit unions, and why the Janusea and Datava partnership makes sense — not only from the two organizations’ perspective but also for credit unions.

Gordon, Masako, and Kyle also discussed how the two technologies work together to enhance credit unions’ value and goals and/or achievements they would like to accomplish for credit unions as their business relationship grows.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts. And be sure to watch the entire episode below for all the details.