BankingON Partners with Janusea to Empower Credit Unions to serve Millennial Parents with Teenagers

Cypress, TX, April 2, 2024 – Janusea, provider of seamless and secure integrations to credit union core systems, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with BankingON, the developers of the family banking platform Boucoup. By becoming a Janusea platform partner, BankingON will be able to expedite the implementation process and ensure the utmost integrity and reliability of banking core integrations.

“Our partnership with Jausea is going to boost the scale and reliability of the Boucoup platform,” said Alexey Krasnoriadtsev, CEO at BankingON. “Those who have experience working on core platforms understand the difficulties that come with interfacing a product with multiple cores. With Janusea, we can focus on improving the Boucoup product, bringing value to teenagers and their parents, and in some sense allows us to be core agnostic.”

The Boucoup digital mobile banking application platform will provide credit unions with a solution that grows their minor accounts, helps its members build confidence in the financial system, and even graduates them when they turn 18. As such, this partnership allows BankingON to deliver a platform which maintains memberships within the credit union’s core and builds brand familiarity.

Since Janusea shoulders the burden of core integrations for credit unions and fintechs alike, this partnership gives BankingON the ability to normalize otherwise disparate member data across many cores.

“Especially in the case of our fintech partners,” said Janusea’s CEO Kyle Stutzman, “Janusea’s main purpose is to let companies like BankingON be innovative. There is already a high barrier to entry within the financial industry. So, not having to worry about how your product is going to unify its integrations from customer to customer, opens a lot of doors and possibilities.”

By leveraging Janusea’s game-changing integration solution, Boucoup provides parents with the chance to instill sound financial habits in their children. This is achieved through securely overseeing money management using a cutting-edge mobile app seamlessly integrated into the credit union experience. 

About BankingON

BankingON is an Austin-based CUSO of B2B2C digital banking solutions committed to empowering Credit Unions to help parents raise money-smart children. Boucoup, its family finance platform, helps CUs offer a valuable, free, branded mobile app for parents and teens. With Boucoup, parents can teach teens essential money skills, including earning, spending, and saving, through a fun and interactive platform. Teen-optimized UI and features include instant allowances, chore-based rewards, flexible spending controls, and real-time transaction notifications, all within one seamless mobile app. To learn more about Boucoup, visit us at or send us an email at

About Janusea 

Janusea, Inc. fills a technology gap in the community financial institution space, connecting credit unions and community banks with today’s innovative fintech solutions. Many fintechs cannot communicate with a financial institution’s legacy core system. Janusea is the connection between these two worlds via a fully-hosted platform delivered securely using the cloud. Ultimately, Janusea provides community financial institutions with speed to market, free choices to work with the best solutions and sustainable API integration. For more information, visit