Don't Let
The Lack of
Be a Barrier To

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Bridging the Divide
Between Fintech and Financial Institutions

Fintechs have innovative solutions. Banks and Credit Unions want to use that innovation. But who has the resources, financial systems experience, or time to develop and maintain all the connections themselves?

Janusea is your connection between these two worlds. Financial Institutions who leverage Janusea’s fully hosted and secure integration translation platform and sustainable APIs enable innovative solutions while alleviating the challenge of communicating with legacy banking cores and technology.


Lending Solutions

Remote Deposits

Digital Banking

Member Identity

Call Centers

Workflow Automation

Conversational AI


Fraud Protection

So Much More

Let's Create Something Great Together

Janusea was born because our founders realized that Financial Institutions were often locked out of leveraging amazing fintech solutions due to core integration challenges.

Is market adoption with financial institutions moving slower than you want due to that “last mile” with the core? Let us know how we can be of service!