We believe integration should never be a barrier to innovation. We are passionate about unlocking and accelerating financial technology so that banks and credit unions can choose what works best for them.

“What core do you work with?” is the first question we focused on eliminating. However, that quickly expanded to helping remove any concern of connecting to any key financial system like Loan Origination Systems (LOS) and Digital Banking Solutions. Our vision is to provide an integration platform where any fintech, credit union, bank, or technology can connect and seamlessly communicate to each other.

Our Story

Kyle Stutzman (CEO) and Jack Smith (CRO) were on a mission.

For over 5 years, they were providing strategic technology consulting services to credit unions at PureIT CUSO. During that time, they were introduced to many fintechs that solved a variety of problems and enabled exciting use cases for financial institutions.

However, time and time again, they witnessed many digital transformation projects being deprioritized, delayed, blowing past budget, or halting clear in its tracks due to integration challenges.

Was anyone solving the integration problem?

They began a dedicated search that resulted in finding some interesting solutions… all of which seemed to miss the mark. Namely, they were expensive, couldn’t overcome the “last mile” of core integration (many didn’t even know what a core was!), and couldn’t bridge the cultural communication gap between community financial institutions and fintech.

Finally, Kyle and Jack met Tina Baker (CPO) and Terry McMullen (COO) with Kiva Group, who had developed pre-built microservices that seamlessly integrated with major core banking providers and enabled various use cases for their clients, like call centers and banking solutions.

Their conversations quickly went from “can we partner to provide a service?” to “what if we could drive significant change together for the whole community financial institution ecosystem?” The idea took off to leverage key integration technology that was helping a few larger institutions in order to create a universal integration platform in the cloud for the whole industry. This takes the “integration burden” off of banks, credit unions, and fintechs and provides a community-focused integration superhighway in the cloud.

Fast forward to the summer of 2022, with mission and visions aligned, Janusea was born to serve the financial space by enabling innovation to thrive.

Our Team

Kyle Stutzman CEO & CoFounder

Kyle Stutzman

CEO & CoFounder

Jack Smith CRO & CoFounder

Jack Smith

CRO & CoFounder

Tina Baker CPO & CoFounder

Tina Baker

CPO & CoFounder

Terry McMullen COO & CoFounder

Terry McMullen

COO & CoFounder

Stacy King CAO & CoFounder

Stacy King

CAO & CoFounder

janusea icons_Greg

Greg Lubojacky


Masako Long VP of Sales

Masako Long

VP of Sales

Steven Hawes VP of Product and Delivery

Steven Hawes

VP of Product & Delivery