Credit Union Financial Exchange


Through broad collaboration across the industry, Credit Union Financial Exchange (CUFX) has emerged as an open standard protocol facilitating seamless data exchange between client-server systems and cloud-based APIs. This standardized approach empowers credit unions to expedite their digital transformation initiatives while enhancing the overall user experience for their members. 


Since its inception in 2012, CUFX has established itself as the leading API solution for credit unions seeking to share data with financial applications. It boasts widespread adoption, with active deployment in numerous credit unions and financial technology service providers, thus cementing its position as a cornerstone in the credit union industry’s technological landscape.


CUFX was established by a community of thought leaders and technology experts within the credit union industry. This collaborative effort aims to advance the financial services ecosystem standard, with the overarching goal of reducing technical complexity and accelerating the time to value for connecting parties involved in the integration process. 

Examples of product / service implementations supported by the CUFX standard include: 

      • Verifiable credentials for digital member identities 
      • New member account opening 
      • Loan origination / Lending Solutions  
      • Account data integration support 
      • Big data analytics  
      • Data visualization / BI  
      • Foundation for application data models 
      • Mobile payment processing 
      • Enterprise Service Bus & gateway integrations 
      • Personal and business finance management applications 
      • Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
      • Automated Underwriting  
      • Money movement  
      • Digital Banking  
      • Remote Deposit  
      • CRM 
      • Call Center / IVR 

CUFX Frequently Asked Questions

Who operates CUFX?

Originally CUNA (now known as Americas Credit Unions) held the rights to CUFX, then it was managed by Bonifii, and currently, Janusea guides the standards and holds ownership of CUFX. While the ownership of the standard has shifted between corporate entities, its focus has always remained on addressing the broader needs of the industry. CUFX is guided by advisory or steering groups comprised of representatives from the industry, ensuring alignment with the larger vision and goals of the credit union community.  

Janusea’s Stewardship
      • Janusea leads the efforts in resolving connectivity issues for digital solutions within the community financial space. 
      • We are dedicated to advancing API standards, ensuring CUFX evolves to meet industry demands.  
      • In its history, over 100 financial institutions have utilized CUFX for seamless integrations. Under Janusea’s guidance, CUFX continues to rapidly expand, attracting numerous fintechs, software providers, and community financial institutions. It stands as a primary standard within Janusea’s platform. 
      • Collaborative efforts of credit unions and banks are expanding the use of CUFX with an Enterprise Platform level partnership with Janusea. These partnerships drive integrations and promote CUFX as a key standard in the industry. 
      • While CUFX sets the standards, it does not provide test cases or environments for validation. However, Janusea offers client options and CUFX support license packages, providing access to testing environments for community CUFX development. 
      • Additionally, Janusea enhances CUFX through consultation and technical support offerings, while ensuring accessibility through a free access tier for credit unions.

How to start utilizing CUFX model? 

Please email your request to join to and the CUFX project manager will provide the details to get you started.  

What is the cost of using CUFX?

CUFX base-level access is free for credit union use. It is a vendor agnostic standard that has been designed for use in the credit union industry. 

For Janusea clients, CUFX usage and higher levels of support, access, and licensing are included with their platform access. 

Can unapproved changes be made to the standard? 

CUFX is provided on an as is basis, designed to support customization through the utilization of custom data fields throughout the specification. While there are no formal restrictions prohibiting modifications, it is recommended to request change control. If your needs are common across organizations, we encourage you to propose updates to benefit the wider industry and enhance the standard. 

How do I request a change to CUFX? 

Please use the template below to send an email to with subject RFC_RESPONSE 

Responding Organization: 

Contact Name: 

Contact Phone number: XXX-XXX-XXXX 

Contact Email address: 

Response Date: 

Responding Organization tracking reference (if applicable): 

Name of Specification or XSD member: 

Issue or Observation: 

Your expectation or recommendation to resolve: