Fintech Connections and Growth

How to Leverage Fintech Partnerships that Enable Growth

During the CUNA Technology Council and CUNA Operations & Member Experience Councils Conference, Kyle Stutzman, Janusea CEO/Co-founder Pure IT, stopped by the Studio Lounge to share highlights from his conference presentation: “A Beautiful Relationship: Leveraging Fintech Partnerships to Enable Credit Union Growth.”

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Janusea unveils API platform to connect credit unions with fintech firms

Janusea, a leading fintech company focused on integrations, has launched a new API Cloud Platform to connect financial institutions’ legacy cores with today’s growing population of fintechs. Janusea’s integration platform works by providing a common message set, developed with the community financial institution industry, that enables one message set to be translated to legacy messaging.

According to Janusea CEO Kyle Stutzman, fintechs don’t have to write to multiple legacy systems anymore, and credit unions and community banks don’t have to re-implement legacy connections for new fintech solutions. Janusea’s API connection can be used for all fintech solutions, connecting these two worlds and allowing more financial institutions to benefit from the latest fintech solutions.

“To put it plainly, Janusea provides the solution, not just a tool,” explains Tina Baker, Janusea Chief Product Officer. “We fully host, integrate, support, and maintain all connectivity. We solve the problem and enable innovation by connecting two separate worlds, bringing value to both.”

Baker says the lack of core integrations limits and confuses FIs who need to know if systems can integrate. Integration limitations and ongoing maintenance impede fintechs’ ability to implement and scale their solutions with community FIs.

Stutzman adds that many credit unions and community banks have limited resources and experience with their integrations and data sets. “They need a turn-key integration solution and someone to help guide them through a quick and successful implementation, secure connections, and ongoing maintenance and support of the connections,” he says.

According to Terry McMullen, Janusea Chief Operations Officer, the technology firm took parts of the Kiva Group and Pure IT Credit Union Services to create this new Janusea solution. This solution brings over 20 years of core data integrations, credit union, community bank, and fintech experience and connections.

“The combination of technology, people, and experience is powerful to connect these two worlds for a better future,” he says. “For added clarity, both Kiva Group and Pure IT continue forward with their missions and services but have contributed all key assets, people, and resources related to APIs into this new organization to transform integrations for community financial institutions.”

“Janusea is not the next single-focused fintech application. It is not the next digital bank or credit union app,” Jack Smith, Janusea Chief Revenue Officer, says. “Janusea is the catalyst that will take what is currently smoldering and blow it up into a transformation explosion, leveling the playing field so that all fintech solutions and financial institutions can work together without barriers.”